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Packing & Relocation

Relocation assistance in Rochester

Helping a family member relocate, whether it's to an assisted living facility or moving in with family members, can be overwhelming. It's especially difficult when you can't be there to oversee the move. Bauer & Son Moving can help with the moving, so you can keep living your life, and help your loved one through the transition.

Smooth moves made here!

We sweat the small stuff

At Bauer & Son Moving, we've had years of experience packing even the most fragile items. That means we know what it takes to make a move successful, down to the smallest detail. Also, we can use packing material supplied by either you or by us. We've got it covered either way!

Our mothers taught us well

Some movers don't bother with cleaning up after a move. That's not how we work. When you choose us to assist you with your move, know that our policy is to keep things as tidy as possible.

We know the drill

At Bauer & Son Moving, "professionalism" isn't just a word we bandy about. We live and breathe it. We wouldn't have lasted this long if we didn't. It's a difference you can feel.

Bauer can handle all your local moving needs whether you are moving across the street, across the city, or across western New York. 
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